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proiettore 250 w scarica per gobos e diapositiveFlyghtcase 6 U

RadioMicrofono 1
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RadioMicrofono 1

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UHF 800MHz band PLL frequency synthesized
96 applied channels with 300KHz channel space
Dual tune true diversity receiver
Twice mixer superheterodune circuit for high sensitivity
Excellent SAW filter for RF and IF circuit
Manufactured by SMT components and technics
AA size batteries for microphone, supply time up to 10~30h
Dual DC-DC step up circuit design for microphone
Up to 300 meter operation distance in perfect environment


Frequency range730~950MHz
Selectable channels96
Oscillation mode
PLL synthesized
Frequency stability
Receive mode
Diversity type
Dual tune true diversity
Input sensitivity
Audio response
T.H.D. at 1kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio
Audio output
Balanced and Unbalanced
RF power
Battery requirement
2×1.5V AA size